Dare a new way of working and develop your talents!

At iTak, we have a passion for sharing and mutual enrichment to offer you more than a collaboration: a springboard for the future.

You are at least 10 years-experienced in industrial project management, processes, Marketing or Business Development… And you want to :

  • Give a new meaning to your career while being independent,
  • Have more autonomy in a structured and collaborative environment,
  • Exercise your expertise by multiplying your sectors of intervention,
  • Accelerate the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Working with iTak is… :

  • Co-building projects with a versatile experts’ team,
  • Benefiting and transmitting expertise and experiences in peer group,
  • Becoming an agitator-builder of innovation through daily emulation and concretization for our customers.

Let’s ferment together innovation’s leaven for our customers !