A team at your ambitions’ service

Force in motion, dynamic and responsible, our team keeps focusing on project deliverables through a result-driven perspective. Each collaborator is thus dedicated to your performance and driven by a common passion : innovation.


« Reality owes a lot to imagination »

Gilles MUR

Head of Marketing and Business Development teams of leading biotechnology and green chemistry groups, Gilles has successfully led a large number of strategic development and product launch projects in the field of human and animal nutrition, cosmetics and other industries. What does always drive him? His taste for challenge and teamwork. 


« In all things, one must care for the beginning and think ahead of the end. »

Jean-Pierre BARTHOLE

After more than 30 years of experience in biotechnology as an operational manager for the pharmaceutical and food industry, Jean-Pierre now masters all the process expertise, industrial investment and production. His strength? To successfully lead technology transfer projects from laboratory to industrial scale, to launch production units and to improve industrial facilities. 


« If creativity comes from personal thinking, innovation is a team effort combining marketing relevance and industrial audacity. »


With a career at the head of operational departments, Jean-Luc has built an extensive knowledge and skills in biotechnology, as well as in animal and plant extraction industries. He is a value creator on strategic projects for industrial development, change management or mergers and acquisitions. His driving force ? Putting the best of men, women and organizations in the service of industrial progress.