The strategic stakes of industrial bio-manufacturing are recognized for their impact against global warming and the depletion of non-renewable resources. The awareness of these issues has supported their development, particularly in agriculture and food, energy and the emergence of green chemistry. Nevertheless, many hurdles remain, such as access to funding and the lack of fluidity in relations between public organizations and corporations, hence hindering their growth in Europe.

The genesis of EPi BioScale®

Our experience in the implementation of bio-process projects has fed our thinking about new pathways of valorizing biomass and other renewable raw materials, and in addition has also prompted us to design a more integrated approach to the development of bio-manufacturing.

Based on this observation and a common experience, the three founding members – Pivert, iTak Strategies and ESCOM Chimie – are launching EPi BioScale®.

EPi BioScale® is first and foremost a gateway to complementary skills and proven know-how to better meet the challenges of biomass valorization.  EPi BioScale® is aimed at industrial companies to support them in their projects to develop bio-sourced products with the focus for accelerating the process down to the market launch and controlling risks and costs.

EPi BioScale® is an integrated service offer

EPi BioScale® is designed to support industrial projects at the different stages of development of bio-based products, from the laboratory to the industrialization stage. EPi BioScale® is based on the pooling of the multi-disciplinary resources and skills of its members and partners. With these three founding members, EPi BioScale® pools know-how, knowledge and experience: scientific and academic, from the development stages of numerous industrial bio-manufacturing processes, industrial transfer, and markets for bio-sourced products, as well as laboratories and state-of-the-art pilot platform in Compiegne. 

In addition, EPi BioScale® offers a unique range of training courses aimed at developing skills and know-how in the field of industrial biotechnology, with a goal for sharing knowledge.

PIVERT – PIVERT, a company created in 2012 has a unique multidisciplinary development platform with modular spaces, laboratories and pilot units in biotechnology, chemistry and biomass pretreatment.

PIVERT accompanies its partners to develop their innovation, to scale up their products and processes and to sample them thanks to its powerful equipment in chemistry and biotechnologies and the professional expertise of its teams.

Commercial contact : Pivert // Stéphane Soum – stephane.soum@sas-pivert.com – 07 89 45 99 98 – For more information: sas-pivert.com


About ESCOM Chimie – The Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Organique et Minérale (ESCOM) is a private institution of higher education of general interest (EESPIG), recognized by the State and delivering the Engineering degree since 1963.  ESCOM’s training focuses on the principles of green chemistry.

Press Contacts : ESCOM // Fabienne Framchon/ Gérard Bacquet – For more information: escom.fr


About iTak STRATEGIES – Co-founded in 2018 by Gilles Mur and Jean-Pierre Barthole, iTak Strategies accompanies industrial companies in the innovation and development of biotechnology and green chemistry products. iTak Strategies provides its clients with know-how and strong experience in industrial and commercial development from the prototyping to the industrialization phase.

Press contact : iTak Strategies // Gilles Mur – gilles@itakstrategies.com – 06 80 35 88 22 – For more information: itakstrategies.com